You need to try Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan if you haven't already.  It has some special attributes taking painting from a chore to a breeze.  There is no need to sand, strip, or prime!  The paint adheres to almost any surface, including wood, metal, terra cotta, glass and plastic. 


The paint comes in quart and 4-ounce sample sizes in 35 great colors.  You need to apply an Annie Sloan wax over the paint to seal it.  Clear wax will not change the color of your paint.  Or, you can add a dark or black wax to give your piece an aged look, or the white wax to soften the color. Special brushes make application of the paint and waxes even easier.


Paint:  Quart $38.95;  Sample size $12.95                 


Round Paint Brushes:  Small $27.95; Medium $38.95


Round Wax Brushes:  $52   


Soft Waxes:  Small $15; Large $26


Gilding Wax:  $11.50



Recent additions to the Annie Sloan family of products:

Gilding Wax -- The latest!  Get the look.

Add a metallic touch to your projects.  Highlight carvings, molding and textured details with gilding wax.  Five colors:  Bright Gold, Warm Gold, Copper, Dark Silver and Bright Silver.  Use alone or combine.  Goes on easily with a brush, lint-free cloth or your finger.    


White and Black Wax 

The white wax will soften and lighten colors.  The black wax will highlight brush strokes, and dark and enrich colors.  Don't wait to try them!  


Three Colors 

Amsterdam Green